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June Belyea-Cochran PhD. MS. RN OMD



Dr. Cochran is licensed in both the UK an US.  Her education includes a BS, MS, PhD and OMD.  She also holds a California teaching credential and is a continuing educational provider for RN and LVN / PN.

For more than 30 thirty years June has positioned herself as an advocate and educator for health professionals.  She is recognized in the health care community for her devotion to assisting nurses achieve success for both Licensing and Continued Education.

Dr. Cochran has the unique ability to empathize and to motivate her students to success. Her education and clinical expertise puts her in a class above other reviewers. Her knowledge in subject matter, test taking skills, critical thinking, legalities, the nursing process, understanding evidence based nursing, the ability to delegate and prioritize care results in a 98% and above success for those having studied with her in preparation for the NCLEX exams.

Students referring other students has been the highest recognition enjoyed and appreciated by her and all staff members.

For Sucess "Study With The Best"

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