NCLEX State Board Preparation

NCLEX - Candidates RN / LVN


Who Should Attend:
  • Candidates for Licensure

  • R.N. or L.V.N. / P.N. ( Meet Separately )

  • New Graduates

  • Repeat Examinees

  • Foreign-Trained

  • Re-Entry Nurses

  • License Expired

  • Qualifying Military

Rated #1 Reviewer - 98% and Above Passing

Private Tutoring Available

$60.00 per hour

2 hour min.


( CAT )  Computerized Testing Available for Semester Attendees



The Seminars are dynamic in that Dr. Cochran has a unique approach in presenting material (relevant to the Boards) calling for reasoning rather than memorization.

Delegating, Prioritizing, Legalities (know the scope practice), Critical thinking, Test taking.

The ability to evaluate the question content and relate to specific principles guides the student in understanding what the examiner expects of the nurse in the practice of safe nursing care.

Reading and interpreting the question, both multiple choices and the new format, allows the student to be confident in decision-making skills. Similated testing specific to NCLEX

Nursing Disciplines Through Age Steps
Prioritizing - Delegating Patient Care
Scope of Nursing Practice
Critical Thinking
Understanding the Nursing Process
Client Needs & Wellness
Evidence-Based Nursing
Assimilated Testing



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