IV & Blood Withdrawal


I.V. & Blood Withdrawal

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I.V. & Blood Withdrawal
I.V. & Blood Withdrawal - Deposit

Intravenous Therapy


L.V.N. - BVNPT Approved
R.N. - BRN Cont. Education - Materials / Medication Upgrade

I.V. Therapy - Theory & Clinical

Legal Aspects as set forth in California Code of Regulations
Psychological preparation of the patient
Reasons for use of intravenous therapy
Types of venipuncture devices
Types of delivery systems
Types of intravenous fluids
Preparation and immobilization of the venipuncture site
Observation of the patient
Regulation of the fluid flow
Local and systemic reactions
Preparationof equipment
Safety factors of intravenous medication
Choice of vein
Choice of device
Techniques of venipuncture
  A. Direct
  B. Indirect
Universal precautions

30 Hours
In Class Sessions

NEW PRICE * Fee is $195.00 + $20.00 for State Certificate = $215.00                                   including Test & Supplies.

Deposit of $75.00 will hold your seat.

Blood Withdrawal - Theory & Clinical

Methods of blood withdrawal
  A. Skin puncture
  B. Venipuncture
Selection of appropriate method
Safety measures
Possible complications
Preparation of withdrawal sites
Psychological preparation of the patient
Universal precautions for infection control
Practice in each method of blood withdrawal
Tube identification

6 Hours
In Class Sessions

Fee is $105.00 including Test & Supplies.
Deposit of $25.00 will hold your seat.

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