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NCLEX R.N. - Prep Course Outline


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R.N. & L.V.N. Meetings Are Separate


Day 1 Review of the Material Covered on the NCLEX Exam

NCLEX Grading Understanding the Format

Know the Scope of Nursing Practice

Understanding Reasoning - Critical Thinking

Utilization of the Nursing Process

Assimilated Sample Questions Material

Category 1 A.) Basic Care and Comfort

B.) Management of Care

Questions / Lecture typical of exam test material


Day 2 Nursing Through the Life Cycle

Disease Process - Treatments

Delegation - Prioritization

Environmental Issues

Category 2 A.) Health Promotion and Maintenance

B.) Safety and Infection Control

C.) Pharmacological Therapies

Questions / Lecture typical of exam test material


Day 3 Introduction to the Innovative Questions

Management, Community Resources

Policies, Procedures, Protocols

Category 3 A.) Psychological Integrity

B.) Reduction of Risk Potential

C.) Physiological Adaptation

Questions / Lecture typical of exam test material


The category is the make-up of your test plan. Lecture/questions will be specific to assimilated material. Reading, understanding and critical thinking for test success. Nursing approach, knowledge, understanding, responsibility within the scope of nursing practice for the safety of patient care and to educate both sick and well clients, knowing evidence based nursing practice.


Take Home Complementary Manual to reinforce learning and to further practice the skills of answering test questions, carrying you to the Boards.

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