Pharmacology Upgrade N.A. / V.N. Qualifying Military

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Pharmacology - Deposit

Nursing Assistant Upgrade to Vocational Nurse


  Pharmacology Course 54 Theory Hours  -  Revised Program 


We are pleased to offer our new pharmacology course to Nursing Assistants seeking licensure as vocational nurses based upon equivalent experience and/or education.



  • Approved Course by the BVNPT - Required Pharmacology  ( Only the BVNPT Can Qualify You )
  • State Approved CNA to LVN Continuing Education for Re-Entry Nurses
  • Qualifying Military Medics - Vocational Nurse
  • Home Study Package to be Graded 


Course Content:

  • Knowledge of Commonly Used Drugs and Their Action
  • Computation of Dosages
  • Preparation of Medications
  • Principles of Administration


Course Requirements: (Revised)

  • To meet the 54 Hours Required
  • 1 Module = 4 Independent Lessons  ( To Accommodate the Employed )
  • Students Must Complete 3 Consecutive Modules = 12 Lessons
  • Completion of Assigned Studies Necessary to Advance to next Module



For further study, you may arrange to attend a Instructor Guided Group or
Attend the LVN Seminar and assimilated computer testing with print-out.



Total Fee: $375.00

Registration: $75.00
(For contracted classes)

 payment schedule may be arranged



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